Junior Infants


We love Aistear time in our classroom.  This month we were learning all about Spring and were working hard in the Vet’s Surgery.  

Autumn in Junior Infants

A huge welcome to all our new Junior Infants.  We have been working very hard since September.  Here are some of our pictures that we made for Autumn.  


Christmas in Junior Infants

Senior Infants & 1st Class

Blast From the Past

We were delighted to welcome our grandparents in for Grandparents Day in February.  We showed them all our old antiques that were used in the home in the early 1900’s.  We enjoyed eating our bread baked in the bastable oven.  


Christmas in our Classroom




Space Bound

For the month of November, we learned all about Planet Earth and Space.  At the end of the month the children worked in pairs to create wonderful projects on everything they learned.  



We learned about 2D shapes in maths and enjoyed creating pictures out of shapes and designing our own planets using marbling inks.  



In our role-play area we were working as astronauts in the International Space Station.


In construction we had great fun using the 2D shapes to build rockets, ships and space stations


Next Stop…Hogwarts

Click on the link below to read our first class acrostic poems about Halloween

First Class Acrostic Poems

Halloween came early to our room this year.  For the month of October we have been learning all about Halloween in our School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and created some very disgusting potions.  


The children constructed some really imaginative zombie hotels, haunted houses, ghost ships and witch’s dens in the construction area


We had a lot of fun in junk art this month creating animals out of leaves.  We also made some spooky Halloween pictures using paint and charcoal.  First class had their own take on Picasso for Halloween and created some scary Halloween portraits.



The children learned and wrote all about the history behind Halloween Traditions. 


Children’s Book Week

Children from senior infants and first class went on a trip to King House to see a puppet show as part of Children’s Book Week.  We learned lots about the Salmon of Knowledge.

Doctors in the Making

This month in Aistear we have been learning all about ourselves and the hospital.  Dr. Kelly and Ted paid us a special visit where we were allowed to use a stethoscope to check our heart and our lungs.  Luckily we are all in good shape and we even managed to cure our teddies!


After all our medical training, we were ready to become doctors ourselves.  We worked in a hospital in the role play area.  Despite some very serious injuries, our patients were always smiling.  We carried out a check up on an injured butterfly while we were at it.




In the construction area, the children were busy building hospitals, ambulances and rescue helicopters.


We were learning about our body and skeleton in science.  We enjoyed making our own skeletons in junk art.



First class have been learning about the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso.  They experimented with his style of painting called “Cubism” using oil pastels and created some very interesting portraits.

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up ” Picasso


2nd & 3rd

Christmas Art

The boys and girls in Mr. Conboy’s class have proven to be quite the artists with these beautiful Christmas pictures


Many talents in second and third class. These three boys are busy preparing for our next school assembly. 

4th & 5th

Ain’t no Mountain High Enough

We have been learning all about the mountains of Ireland and worked together to create these fantastic clay mountains. However, Croagh Patrick is still Mr. Duffy’s favourite.

Busy in the Garden

We have been very busy preparing our vegetable garden for the new season.  We were lucky to have Noel Kennedy from Teagasc to come in and plant a tree with our class as part of National Tree Week.



Christmas Art

Getting ready for the snow in our room with these beautiful snowflakes created by the children.


The children were learning all about electricity in science this week.  They worked in groups to create these fabulous lighthouses and even got them to light up by creating an electric circuit.

Science Week

We had great fun on our mini-beast hunt with Heritage Expert, Michael Bell as part of science week.  

Autumn Scarecrows

The boys and girls  were very busy making scarecrows for our school garden.  Good luck getting past these scary fellows!


Halloween Art

Check out our spooky Halloween haunted houses created by 4th and 5th class pupils.  


The children in 4th and 5th class really enjoyed working in pairs to make these wonderful portraits.  Can you guess who we are?



6th Class


Here is a small sample of what we are doing in class.



This month in English we have been practicing the Narrative Writing  genre. Here is a sample of some of our stories. We hope you enjoy them.

Joni’s Story

Ella’s Story


This month in Science we were learning about the heart.

Here is what Faith had to say! You might want to avoid the pictures!!




Heritage Council Visitor – Melanie Loren – Working with Straw

If you want to read Franek’s account of Melanie’s visit, click here

Ms Daly was on teaching placement and was teaching all about the Romans.

Here is a summary of what Eoin O’C learned.


Cormac wrote this poem about Oiche Shamhna




As part of Science week our class put on a display for the school showing some of the work we have been doing in science since last year’s Science week. It was fun!

In class we have spent the last 4 weeks studying aspects of World War II. We are reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. Here is the thoughts of Eoin S on this book.

Here is  some Art work we completed relating to this topic. We all learned something new even Fionn though there is a lot more in his K than in his W or L.



December we continued with our studies of World War 2 and Germany.

We also had time to learn about Christmas and the traditions of the season.

In science we started learning about the eye.



In science this month we are learning about light. We have done lots of interesting experiments about the properties of Light.Here is some of what Josh  has learned on this topic.

We did silhouettes in Art. Can you put a name to each silhouette.


We are doing Narrative writing this month. Here is Niall’s story.

Mr Duffy doesn’t understand it.

This month we started on our Our World Irish Aid Awards project.

Here is some of the finished work.



We were doing measurement in Maths. Here are some of measurement facts about our students.

for niall’s story click here http://www.cootehallns.com/index.php/2018/06/20/niall-bog-nature-walk/ ‎Edit


For kristinas bog walk click here