Global Citizenship – Litter & Waste

This year we are working towards achieving our 6th Green Flag under the Green Schools Programme.  The current theme is Global Citizenship-Litter and Waste.  Under this theme we are looking at the impact our waste has on the environment and the ways in which we can reduce the amount of our waste which goes to landfill or ends up in rivers and seas.  The Green schools committee are particularly interested in reducing our use of single-use materials such as plastics.  We are aiming to reduce our use of such materials by educating others on alternative materials which may be used for the same purpose. We are particularly interested in looking at ways in which we can reduce single use packaging in our lunchboxes.

Here are a few things you can do to help us:

  • Swap single use plastic bottles for a reusable bottle.
  • Wrap sandwiches/crackers in kitchen roll instead of clingfilm/tinfoil
  • Use reusable food storage pots/lunchboxes
  • Swap yoghurt tubes for yoghurt pots which can be washed and recycled
  • Reduce unnecessary packaging in lunchboxes
  • Encourage recycling and composting at home
  • Encourage your child to bring home packaging and dispose of same correctly

For more ideas on sustainable living visit

The Green Schools Committee


If you would like to view our Green Code or some of our photos please click the links below:-

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