Introductory Statement

This policy was formulated in draft format by Catherine Martin on a principal administration day. The teachers of St. Michael’s & St. Patrick’s National School discussed this draft policy on the 7th of June 2002 at a staff meeting in the school. Staff changes were noted and changed in September 2003. It was further reviewed on 8th May, 2007, May 2009, January 2013, January 2014 and June 2016, December 2017, October 2018 and this current policy was ratified by the Board of Management of this School in October 2018.


This Policy is formulated in accordance with Rules for National Schools; rules 10, 64(1), 64(2) c, 65(4), 65(5) and in accordance with guidelines issued by CPSMA in Solas September 200l.

It is also in keeping with the Education (Admissions to Schools) Act 2018, Education Act (1998), Section 15 2(D), the Education Welfare Act (2000) and the Education for Persons with Special Education Needs Act (2004).

In order to ensure that the school can provide the services required for individual students, it is necessary to ascertain general information on the pupil’s health and specific requirements that they have. These may be kept on record.

The constitutional right of every child between the ages of six and fifteen to an education in the school of his/her choice has been considered.


This Policy aims to ensure that parents/guardians/pupils/staff have the necessary information to ensure pupils seeking enrolment will have his/her needs met thereby maximising his/her opportunity to learn.

The Policy also aims to attain information required by Dept. of Education & Skills on pupils attending

St. Michael’s & St. Patrick’s National School.  In case of over subscription parents/guardians are clear as to preference structure determining the pupils who are enrolled in the school.


  1. To provide information.
  2. To promote equality.
  3. To protect confusion.
  4. To protect our ethos – Catholic School/Catholic Ethos.
  5. To allow parents to prepare child.
  6. To help initiate parents into education process.


  1. To provide information for the school e.g. health, special needs.
  2. To allow school plan for incoming enrolment.

Present Practice:

  1. Registration date (held 1st term)
  2. Application form with an original birth/adoption certificate
  3. Day of Initiation for child – 1 half day in June
  4. Date of Start in September. /Enrolment date

Relationship to School Ethos.

St. Michael’s & St. Patrick’s National School is a co-educational National School under the patronage of the Roman Catholic Church. It is bound to accept all children seeking to enrol in it, subject to pupil numbers, the availability of space in the school and the ability of the school to meet the physical, emotional and educational

Needs of the pupil and the provision by the parents/guardians of necessary documentation when required. Parents or Guardians of pupils seeking to enrol in St. Michael’s & St. Patrick’s National School are asked to provide the requested information and to ensure that the pupil abides by the Code of Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy.

General Introduction

This Enrolment Policy is being set out in accordance with the Education Act 1998. The B.O.M. trusts that,

By so doing, parents will be assisted in relation to enrolment matters.


Chairperson of the B.O.M. Fr. Brendan McDonagh, Parochial House, Cootehall
School Name: St. Michael’s & St. Patrick’s National School
School Address: Cootehall, Boyle, Co. Roscommon.
Tel. No: 071-9667264
E-mail address:
Denominational Character:              Roman Catholic
Name of Patron: Bishop Kevin Doran
Range of Classes: All classes (mixed)
School Day 9.30 a.m. to 3.10 p.m.


Total No. of Teachers: Seven
Cian Duffy (Principal) 3rd & 4th Class
Catherine  Martin (Deputy Principal) Special Education Teacher
Deirdre Brennan (APII) Junior Infants
Laura Conroy/ Sarah Kilkenny (Job sharing) Senior Infants
Lochlainn Conboy 1st and 2nd Class
Arlene Gilhooly 5th & 6th  Class
Tanya Tansey Special Education Teacher
Pauline Dwyer, Joan Tiernan Special Needs Assistants
Helena Gilhooly Secretary
Michael Shanley Caretaker
Martina Fryer Cleaner


The school depends on grants and teacher resources provided by the Dept. of Education & Skills and operates within the regulations laid down from time to time by the Dept. of Education & Skills in regard to the funding available.

The school follows the curricular programmes prescribed by the Dept. of Education & Skills which may be amended from time to time in accordance with Sections 9 & 30 of Education Act 1998. Within the context and perimeters of Dept. regulations and programmes, the rights of the Patron as set out in Education Act 1998 and funding and resources available, the school supports principles of:

i) Inclusiveness, particularly with ref. to enrolment of children with disability or other special Ed. need.

ii) Equality of access and participation in the school.

iii) Parental choice re. enrolment.

iv) Respect for diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in society.


  1. Only children who have reached their 4th birthday before the 1st September of the school year may be admitted. No child over the age of 15 may be enrolled. Parents/Guardians seeking to enrol their child (ren) in St. Michael’s & St. Patrick’s National School will be issued with an Enrolment form, Enrolment Policy, Code of Behaviour, Anti-Bullying Policy, Homework Policy, Child Protection Policy and Data Protection Policy.Parents/Guardians who do not wish their child to attend Religious Ed. classes shall state so in writing so alternative arrangements for their child can be made during these times. Parents/Guardians who wish to enrol their child (ren) are asked to complete the enrolment form with an original birth/adoption certificate and personally return it to the Principal who will enter date and time of receiving it. Registration dates will appear in the parish newsletter, local press in the school website and other local publicity.
  2. The names of children for whom Enrolment Application have been returned, will be placed on a class waiting list. The completion of an application form or the placement of your child’s name on a list, however early, does not confer an automatic right to a place in the school. The Board will notify parents of their decision to accept the enrolment within 21 days of receiving such information.
  3. Equality of access is the key value that determines the enrolment of children to our school. No child is refused admission for reasons of ethnicity, special educational needs, disability, language/accent, gender, traveller status, asylum-seeker/refugee status, religious/ political beliefs & values, family or social circumstances.
  4. While recognising the right of parents to enrol their child in the school of their choice, the Board of Management of St. Michael’s & St. Patrick’s National School is also responsible for respecting the rights of the existing school community and in particular, the children already enrolled. This requires balanced judgements, which are guided by the principles of natural justice and acting in the best interest of all children. Assisting the school in such circumstances, the BOM reserves the right to determine the maximum number of children in each separate classroom bearing in mind:  a. Size of / available space in classrooms.                                                                                                                                                                       b.  Educational needs of children of a particular age.                                                                                                                                                   c.  Multi-grade classes.                                                                                                                                                                                                      d. Presence of children with special educational/ behavioural needs.                                                                                                                                   e.DES maximum class average directives.
  5. In the event of the number of children seeking enrolment in any given class/ standard exceeding the number of places available preceding or during the school year (due to the BOM being unable to provide suitable accommodation, or recruit the required teaching staff) the following criteria will be used to prioritise children for enrolment:                                                                                                                                                                     a. Brothers & Sisters (including step-siblings, resident at same address) of children already enrolled – priority to oldest.                                   b. Children living within the traditional catchment area – priority to oldest.                                                                                                                      c. Children of staff members.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     d. Children whose home address is closest to the school (as measured by a straight line an OS map) if the child is normally resident outside the agreed catchment area.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     e. Ages of the children.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       f. In the event of being unable to enrol a child (ren) from categories a, b, c, d or e in a given class at the beginning of a year, or mid-year, such children will receive priority (in order of a, b, c, d, e,) for the subsequent school year over other children on the class waiting list.
  6. Other pupils are enrolled during the school year (if newly resident in the area/child already enrolled in another school and wishing to transfer depending on space availability).
  7. Pupils wishing to transfer from other schools will require a letter from the school from which they are transferring stating the class in which child was enrolled, together with details of attendance, absences, reasons for transfer and record of progress to date. This letter will be handed to the Principal prior to the child being enrolled. Parents are required to inform the school of any prior psychological assessments.

Pupils may transfer to the school at any time, subject to school policy, available space and in some cases, the approval of the Department of Education and Skills. It is the requirement of the Board of Management that information concerning attendance and the child’s educational progress be communicated between schools as stated in the Education Welfare Act (2000).

Registration date/ Initiation date

  1. New Junior Infants spend one informal morning in school at the end of June to familiarise themselves with their new environment.  Parents seeking to enrol their child (ren) into Junior Infants for September 2019 are requested to return a completed Enrolment Application Form by Monday December 17th, 2018.
  2. Children with special needs will be resourced in accordance with the level of resources provided by the Department of Education and Skills to the Board of Management. See below.

Enrolment of Children with Special Needs

In relation to applications for the enrolment of children with special needs the Board of Management will request a copy of the child’s medical and/or psychological report or where such a report is not available, will request that the child be assessed immediately. The purpose of the assessment report is to assist the school in establishing the educational and training needs of the child relevant to his/her disability or special needs and to profile the support services required.

Following receipt of the report, the Board will assess how the school can meet the needs specified in the report. Where the Board deems that further resources are required, it will request the Department of Education and Skills to provide the resources required to meet the needs of the child as outlined in the psychological and/or medical report. These resources may include for example, access to or the provision of any or a combination of the following: visiting teacher service, Special Education Teacher, special needs assistant, specialised equipment or furniture, transport services or other.

The school will meet with the parents of the child to discuss the child’s needs and the school’s suitability or capability in meeting those needs. Where necessary, a full case conference involving all parties will be held,  which may include parents, principal, class teacher, Special Education teacher , Speech or psychologist or other professional working with child to address their needs.

It may be necessary for the Board of Management to defer enrolment of a particular child pending:

  • the receipt of an assessment report; and/or
  • the provision of appropriate resources by the Department of Education and Skills to meet the needs specified in the psychological and/or medical report.
  1. Notwithstanding the availability of such resources, parents of children who are unsatisfied with the level of educational provision in our school, are advised to consider a special school which is designed and resourced to specifically cater for the needs of children with special educational needs.
  2. Parents/guardians enrolling a child in St. Michael’s & St. Patrick’s National School who is over age six and who has not previously attended school will be asked to give details of the child’s education to date and to consent to the child being assessed in order to establish his/her appropriate class level.
  3. Children enrolled in our school are required to co-operate with and support the School/Board of Management’s Code of Behaviour as well as all other policies on curriculum, organisation, & management. The BOM places Parents/ Guardians responsible for ensuring that their child (ren) co-operate with said policies in an age­-appropriate way. These policies may be added to and revised from time-to-time.
  1. The school reserves the right to refuse enrolment to any student in exceptional cases.  Such an exceptional case could arise where either:
  1. The student has special needs such that, even with additional resources available from the Department of Education and Skills, the school cannot meet such needs and/or provide the student with an appropriate education or
  2. In the opinion of the Board of Management, the student poses an unacceptable risk to other students, to school staff or to school property.



To ratify the policy

To support staff in its implementation.


To implement the policy.

To adhere to the policy.


To comply with the policy.

Responsibility for Implementation  

It is the responsibility of the Principal/Deputy Principal to ensure that this Policy and its recommendations are brought to the attention of parents/guardians of children being enrolled in this school.

Success Criteria

The success of this Policy will be based on feedback from parents and teachers. It should ensure that there is      no overcrowding in classrooms and that the education of the pupils runs smoothly from term to term.


It is effective from 17th October 2018. It is the responsibility of the B.O.M. of St. Michael’s & St. Patrick’s National School to ensure the Policy is reviewed annually or as the need arises based on D.E.S. circulars, legislation and feedback from Parents/Guardians/Staff/BOM and Patron. 

Ratification and Communication

The B.O.M. will ratify this reviewed policy. A copy will be available on the school website and in the School Plan and parents/guardians wishing to enrol their children can obtain a copy of the policy from the principal or deputy principal.

Appeals Procedure

Parents who are dissatisfied with an enrolment decision, may appeal to the Board of Management.  It must be addressed, in writing, to the Chairperson of the Board, stating the grounds for the appeal, and lodged within ten days of receiving the refusal.  Parents, if unhappy with the result of this appeal, may appeal to the Department of Education and Skills under Section 29 of the Education Act on the official form provided by the Department.  This appeal must be lodged within 42 days of receipt of the refusal from the school to enrol.